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Recruiting Multiplier

  • Get ahead of the game each month with recruiting leads that help you stay organized and up to date with your recruiting efficiency

  • Click here to download a sample report:
  • Information included in reports:
    • WTN
    • UTR (3 mo trend; best win; doubles UTR; 1 year high)
    • National ranking
    • Birth year or date
    •  ITF Ranking
    • UTR/WTN differential
    • Instagram handles
    • Contextual NCAA country specific information for eligibility
  • What's Included:

  • Monthly recruiting report of 30-40 players
  • Online access to recruiting tools such as
    • International recruiting video playlists
    • Confirmed college interest played leads
    • National federation ranking links
    • Recruiting agency links and contact information

Global Recruiting Reports

  • Stay on top of your recruiting with an organized report that helps you keep track of all potential recruits for your program

  • What's Included:

    • Access to Global Recruiting Report App (updated weekly)
    • Initial report (compiled list of player data)
  • Pricing:

    • 2024-25 Season
      • $1,600 (one-time, annual payment) OR $200 per month
        • $150 discount given to both the men’s and women’s programs if both are using the reports in the same season and have paid for the annual subscription

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Recruiting Call Development

  • Work on your technique and delivery when it comes to this recruiting game changer

  • Unlock the secrets of conversational awareness
  • Represent yourself and your program with fluidity and precision
  • Get recruits to open up and develop the personal relationship it takes for them to sign on the dotted line
  • Cost: $1,295

  • What's Included:

  • Initial call of up to 1 hour (assess and set goals)
  • 4 mock recruiting calls
  • Audio overlay feedback presented over recorded video
  • Final analysis
  • How It Works:

  • Initial call to discuss goals/ areas to improve
  • Schedule mock recruiting call
  • Presented with a scenario for the call (background info on a recruit) for you to be prepared with.
  • Mock recruiting call conducted
  • Immediate feedback
  • Audio overlay feedback presented over recorded video
  • Schedule next call

College Tennis Crash Course (CTCC)

  • A first of its kind expansive educational resource

    This course focuses on assistant coaching concepts and development. This encapsulates my 11 year journey as an assistant or associate head coach which culminated in winning the first ever national championship at the University of Florida in 2021.

  • Equivalency Program ($795): 11+ hours of content spanning 25 modules which includes The Numbers Game (a 5 module segment surrounding equivalency scholarship management)
    • Perfect for:
      • Division I Men’s coaches
      • Division I Women’s coaches (less than full scholarship funding)
      • Division II Men’s and Women’s coaches
      • NAIA Men’s and Women’s coaches
  • Head Count Program ($595): 9+ hours of content spanning 20 modules
    • Perfect for:
      • Division I Women’s coaches
      • Division III Men’s and Women’s coaches
      • NJCAA Men’s and Women’s coaches

International Recruiting Plan

  • A package of resources, tools, and information specifically designed for international recruiting.

    *5 Men's and Women's openings per year (Aug-Jul)

  • Unlimited text/ voice memo consultation through WhatsApp group message between Tanner and coaching staff
  •  Bimonthly (6) 1 hour assistant coach development video calls ($900 value)
  • Customized Global Recruiting Report ($2,000 value; recruitable age players around the world updated in 1 compiled quarterly report in chosen UTR range)
  • Access to College Tennis Crash Course ($795 value)
  • Cost: $5,000 annually (contact for monthly payment plans)